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Karachi: Sports Journalist Association of Sindh (SJAS), in collaboration with Greenwich University, held a ceremony to honour the first visually impaired cricket statistician, Sohail Khan. In the programme, at the Greenwich university auditorium with strict Covid-19 SOPs, Sohail responded to a volley of questions, about Cricket records, from the students, who were amazed at the spontaneous replies and the knowledge of Sohail.
Shoaib Ahmed, Editor Scoreline magazine, and Faizan Lakhani, senior journalist, acted as a jury to adjudge responses from Sohail Khan. Umar Khan, the media head of Greenwich University, was the presenter of the programme. Addressing the audience, senior journalist Iqbal Jamil applauded SJAS for organising such a programme. He added that Sohail Khan had proven his worth by replying to the tough questions impulsively with ease.
SJAS president, Muhammad Asif Khan, Senior Vice President, Zubair Nazeer Khan, Vice President Mehmood Riaz, Faizan Lakhani and Shazaib Bhutto, the trusted and longstanding aide of Sohail Khan, also shared their experience with the hero of the ceremony. They were of the view that Sohail Khan is a living example of passion and zeal which can lead one through every disability. They added that Shoail had made many able as impaired before him.
SJAS Secretary, Muhammad Asghar Azeem termed Sohail Khan a real hero and wished that he would be able to fulfil his dream of covering a cricket game at the home of cricket, Lord’s. Sohail Khan, sharing his journey with the attendees, said a person needs to be firm and Allah will also help; one has to believe in himself. He appreciated SJAS for recognising his talent, from day one, rather than looking down upon him.
Sohail recalled his association with FM101 as the beginning of his professional life. He revealed that he kept his impairment as a secret, to the radio audience, until he gained their trust through knowledge. In the end, as a token of appreciation, SJAS awarded a cheque of Rs 2lac to Sohail Khan.


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