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SJAS-SFP coaching clinic for journalists

by Sjas Pakistan

SJAS-SFP organised a session for sports journalist

The World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) Coaching
Clinic 2019 held at Karachi Gymkhana. The event features international coaches from Malaysia and Canada who
gave a presentation on the rules of baseball to the young coaches. On the opening day of the event, Softball Federation of Pakistan (SFP) in collaboration with Sports Journalists Association Sindh (SJAS) organised a session for sports journalists. The large number of media personals attended the camp with an aim to get awareness of the Baseball. forty (40) sports journalists participated in the event.

Micheal Renney said on the occasion that the coaching course Level I is important to strengthen the position of coaches to officiate the game. Renney also briefed the local men about the game’s rule and regulations.

The secretary of Softball Federation of Pakistan (SFP) Asif Azeem said that Baseball/Softball is progressing in Pakistan as more young people taking interest in it.

Patron SJAS, Dr Farhan Essa also hailed SJAS’ effort to organized a workshop for sports journalist is a good omen.

Later, all the reporters, who attended the workshop, were also handed over certificates.

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